Sören Swart (Germany)'s story

Sören Swart (Germany)

Sören Swart (Germany)
Danced for more than twenty years at the Brandenburger Theater, the Deutsche Tanzkompanie, Kasmet Ballet Company and as a f
Waldorf teacher
After successfully receiving my degree as a machine tools mechanic, I studied stage dance at the Palucca-Schule in Dresden from 1988 to 1991. Directly after receiving my diploma, I was offered a position at the Brandenburger Theater; I stayed there until the ballet department was cut in 1998. Due to a lack of alternatives, I worked for a year as a stage technician. In 1999, I founded the Kasmet Ballet Company with other colleagues. Since 2003, I have been taking on guest roles as a freelance dancer and choreographer at various operas and theaters. From 2009 onwards, I had a permanent position at the Deutsche Tanzkompanie Neustrelitz until – in September 2012, when I was almost 44 years old – this position wasn’t extended; admittedly, this was relatively late for a dancer. Still, after 20 years of dancing and performing, it’s tough to have to accept that what you love and can do the best just won’t bring home the bacon.
The question of what is supposed to happen afterwards is one that I posed repeatedly as a dancer, but I found it difficult when forced to answer it directly – especially because I am forced to find something that will allow me to make enough to support four children.
The first career that I had trained for doesn’t exist in that form anymore, so going back is also not an alternative.
An acquaintance mentioned that there was a lack of teachers; but without Abitur, which qualifies you to enter a university?? In the last year, which was also difficult in terms of health, I received a lot of energy and practical support from Stiftung TANZ: they really came through for me.
Because teaching is something that I – like dance – believe to be able to do with 100% of my energy, I had the idea of becoming a Waldorf teacher. Even though I was lucky enough to be accepted to take part in the seminar, the Agentur für Arbeit was uncooperative at first and denied me my education voucher for a variety of reasons.
Equipped with a letter from Stiftung TANZ, and empowered by my anger and Heike Scharpff’s support, I trudged to the Agentur a number of times, requested protocols of discussions and meetings with supervisors… and am now the happy owner of an education voucher.
I hope to successfully complete the course and then find a good position so that I can teach young people a little bit about what goes on in the world… and about the world of dance!