IOTPD Associates

IOTPD Associates are:
  • Existing transition programs
  • Dance companies
  • Training institutions
  • Associations and unions of professional
  • Others who share an interest in the work,
    including academics & both national and
    international governmental agencies.

Dancer Transition Resource Centre

The Dancer Transition Resource Centre in Toronto is dedicated to helping dancers make necessary transitions into, within, and from professional performing careers. DTRC also operates as a resource centre for the dance community and general public and support activities that improve the socioeconomic conditions of artists across the country.

As a world leader in dancer transition, DTRC is an active participant in international conferences and research initiatives and help drive change within the dance community.

DTRC’s vision :
Dance is one of the most challenging professions, physically, emotionally and financially, and that transitions are inevitable. DTRC’s goal is to ensure that dancers have the tools they need to reach their potential throughout their dance career and after retirement from dance performance.
Czech Republic

Dance Career Endowment Fund

Dance Career Endowment Fund (DCEF) is the only institution in the Czech Republic to actively support professionals in the field of dance, movement theatre and circus before and during the process of career transition. DCEF prepares a system that will ensure appropriate conditions for career change. It was founded by Vize tance and Tanecní sdružení, two professional associations that aim at improving work conditions and professional prospects of performing artists in the field of dance, movement theatre and circus.
The Fund’s activities focus on providing information and mediating services that facilitate career change and career development. The second major field of the Fund’s activity is to promote the establishment of a saving product designed for dancers and professionals working in associated fields.

Centre National de la Danse

The national dance centre is a public institution based on a permanent circulation between creation, distribution, patrimony, training, services to professional dancers and access to cultural and choreographic education.

As a professional resource centre, one of the CND’s missions is to inform, support and help all actors of the choreographic field : dancers, choreographers, teachers, academic officials, choreographic project managers, dance companies, production and distribution scenes, cultural go-between…
It offers information, advice, counselling and services to the work conditions of dance professionals in terms of employment, career, training, workers' rights, health and transition to second career assistance.

Stiftung TANZ – Transition Center Germany

Stiftung TANZ – Transition Center Germany accompanies and supports dancers from the beginning of their education through every stage of their career up until the conclusion of their process of transition. Stiftung Tanz is open for all professional dancers, whether they are employed or freelance, at city theaters, state theaters, musical theaters, in film or on TV.

Stiftung TANZ – Transition Center Germany wants to advance and support dancers and dance practitioners.

DCD Center Korea

Dancers’ Career Development Center (DCDC) has built a support system for dancers while they are performing that protects them on stage, creates job opportunities and works to improve their welfare. Thus DCDC aims to enhance a dancer’s creative activities.

During their dance career, Dancers’ Career Development Center runs a Dancers’ Job Market to help dancers minimize a career gap. As well, DCDC provides injured dancers with support for rehabilitation.

To support career transition, DCDC holds symposiums, offers professional consulting and mentoring, and provides financial support during a dancer’s retraining period.

In addition to these initiatives, Dancers’ Career Development Center’s gala performances help to promote dance as popular art form among the general public.

Omscholing Dansers Nederland

Omscholing Dansers Nederland(retraining program for dancers) supports dancers who have reached the end of their performing careers providing advice, counseling services and financial support.

The Omscholingsregeling Dansers Nederland (ODN) was founded in 1986 to meet these requirements. In doing so, the ODN ensures optimal guidance in choosing a new career and support in realising this career through using the fund’s limited resources as efficiently as possible. The ODN makes every effort within the means of the fund to enable dancers to realise their retraining plan.

Program przekwalifikowania zawodowego tancerzy (career transition program for dancers)

Program przekwalifikowania zawodowego tancerzy (career transition program for dancers) was launched in 2015 as one of the programs of the Dance Department of the Institute of Music and Dance. It provides services to professional dancers at all career stages through one-to-one career counselling, psychological support and transition workshops, while also granting retraining scholarships to dancers with at least twelve years of professional stage experience. The program also organizes educational activities for ballet schools’ students.
The Institute of Music and Dance (IMiT) operates as a state-run cultural institution. The Institute’s basic mission is to support the development of music and dance culture in Poland.

Specific information about the transition program is available on: (Polish only)

Schweizerische Stiftung für die Umschulung von darstellenden Künstlerinnen und Künstlern SSUDK

The Schweizerische Stiftung für die Umschulung von darstellenden Künstlerinnen und Künstlern SSUDK (Swiss transition foundation for performing artists) is based in Zürich, Switzerland.

The SSUDK gives advice and support to performing artists, in particular professional dancers who have reached the end of their performing careers. SSUDK provides consulting, financial support and workshops before, during and after their careers. The foundation is active in the German and Italian speaking parts of Switzerland as well as in Liechtenstein.

Danse Transition

Danse Transition is Association is a non-profit organization, based in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The organization supports professional dancers during their training, performing career and professional transition. It helps dancers to develop tools to manage their careers.
Danse Transition has developed expertise regarding the dance profession. Therefore DT works towards improving social recognition and acknowledgment by government authorities of the dancer's profession and its specificities.
United Kingdom

Dancers' Career Development

Dancers’ Career Development (DCD – UK) mission is to empower dancers in all dance forms, so that in overcoming any insecurities arising at the point they cease to perform, they are able to develop the remaining part of their career, within or outside the dance profession, by building on their distinctive strengths and transferable skills.

DCD – UK offers a holistic and comprehensive range of specialist and confidential career support and retraining services to professional dancers in the United Kingdom.

DCD – UK offers practical, psychological and financial retraining support services including educational advice, one-to-one meetings, career coaching, networking, school workshops for dance students, grants for retraining & business start-up grants for eligible professional dancers.
United States

Career Transition For Dancers

Since 2016 Career Transition For Dancers is a program of The Actors Fund.
Career Transition For Dancers’ services—including career counseling, employment services and scholarships—have been a vital part of the dance community for 30 years and will continue to be available to dancers across the country at our new home at The Actors Fund.

In addition to CTFD’s services, The Actors Fund can also provide dancers with counseling and emergency financial assistance, health insurance counseling and enrollment, employment and career services, and assistance with affordable housing.