Violaine Roth (Switzerland)'s story

Violaine Roth (Switzerland)

Violaine Roth (Switzerland)
Medical Secretary
Trained at Conservatoire National de Lyon in France, Violaine Roth danced professionally at the Grand Théâtre de Genève, Switzerland. She then performed as a freelance artist over a year (Alias/Guilherme Botelho, Synopia, Opéra de Nice) and then was hired for three years at Ballets du Rhin, Germany. She then came back to Grand Théâtre de Genève. She holds a ballet teaching diploma. Today, she works as a medical secretary after a one year course.

After 15 years of career as a professional dancer including the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève, I obtained a diploma as a medical secretary (with distinction) in June 2013. Everything went very fast after that, since I found a job in July the same year.

It is definitively worth working tirelessly over a year to achieve this result. I wish that on each and every dancer reaching the end of their career.
It has been a year full of rich intellectual and human experiences since I studied diverse fields such as law, anatomy, medical terminology, pharmacology… I shared this year of hard work with exceptional people, of all ages, from diverse horizons, all with the same will to obtain this diploma in order to gain stability. I realized that nowadays career transition is also very much present in other professional fields.

I loved enriching myself and learning thanks to passionate teachers with whom I am still in contact. By the way, even though I must admit feeling relieved that my diploma is in my pocket I did feel a bit lost when the course was over. I therefore consider pursuing my studies.
It took me a few months to relax in the evening. I continuously was under the impression that I had an exam the next day ! I was finding it strange, after a day work, to only take care of my son, to only food shop, to only do the washing up… because for a long time it was only around 10pm that I was able to start studying. All the same, I was always equipped with memory sticks not to miss any occasion to study in the public transport or at lunch break ! I was totally immersed in this education, three evening per week, on top of my three professional activities : dance teacher, fitness instructor and mom !

At the moment, I wonder how I managed to run all this at the same time. But my past as a dancer is the key . Dancers have so many competences gained over their long career that they are not aware of. We are combatant, so strong-willed, careful and disciplined.

When I am asked about my profession, I have a think : I am not a dancer, not a dance teacher, not a fitness trainer anymore… I am now a medical secretary !
I work in a large dermatology centre where my days are very intense but I am happy and seren about my professional future. Goal achieved !