Ko, Eil Arn (South Korea)'s story

Ko, Eil Arn (South Korea)

Ko, Eil Arn (South Korea)
Ballet Dancer
Rehabilitation Trainer
I started ballet at the late age of 18 as a dancer. Because of the late start I exerted strenuous effort and got the honor of joining Korean National Ballet, the best ballet company in Korea in 1998. I actively participated in numerous pieces comprising classic to modern for approximately ten years in the company.

Professional dancers always confront chances of small and big injuries. I also got a serious injury where five of my knee cartilage ruptured during the rehearsal of < Musageté >of Boris Eifman in 2007. Due to the unexpected injury I was not allowed to carry on my life as a dancer anymore. I had no idea what to do for future as I withdrew from the company, never considering retirement yet. I was married and had children. Because I had to maintain my family I needed quick occupation conversion.

Because of the pressing situation I even considered jobs unrelated with ballet but I still had urge to continue to work in the dance field that I love and can excel. By the merest chance, I heard that Dancers' Career Development Center supports job transition for retired dancers. I learned that there is "rehabilitation trainer instructor" course in Dancers' Career Development Center and received full tuition scholarship. I only did ballet for 15 years so rehabilitation trainer theory class was indeed hard. I depended on theory and practice, breaking up sleep time. In 2009, I rejoined Korean National Ballet not as a ballerino but as a dancer rehabilitation trainer. My dancing experience was huge aid for the rehabilitation training for injured dancers.

Dancers' Career Development Center became the motivation for me to dream the second act of my life. I want to advise juniors that they need to start to think job transition from the professional performing career. The first step to do, it is to learn the field the one is interested in and to know what one can do well. Dancers' Career Development Center promotes various job transition supports for dancers that I am sure dancers can receive suitable supports from it.